If you’ve been to the conference before, you probably already know the allure of the Resource Hall.  With so much to see and few clocks to be found, it’s easy to lose track of time.  Add to that among the thousands of other people in the room, you’re sure to run into a long lost friend or twelve and before you know it, you’re hearing the announcement that the hall […]

Where have all the potters gone? What is causing a decline in studio pottery? Lack of training? No interest from young people? Government cutbacks? Answers and challenges by panelists look at positive ways to save the studio pottery movement! Moderator Tony Clennell has worked as a self-employed functional potter since 1980.  Tony received his MFA in Ceramics from Utah State University and his Bachelor of Education from The University of Western […]

Flow: The 2014 NCECA Ceramic Arts Invitational is currently on view at the Milwaukee Art Museum.  The space is stunning with a wall of windows facing Lake Michigan and spacious with nearly 8,000 square feet of space.  A long corridor that connects the main lobby or Windhover Hall to the museum proper, the Baumgartner Galleria is now a meander of ceramic delights and challenges.  Curated by Linda Ganstrom, NCECA Exhibitions […]

Earlier in the week, you learned about Topical Discussions, which are an opportunity for NCECA members to share their perspectives and skills with a wider audience. NCECA Connections are like their brother (or sister) from another mother. The main difference is that NCECA Connections are meant to rally members around a shared cause or interest. If you’re trying to recruit people for a project or help gather your tribe, this […]

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Make NCECA history… Participate in NCECA’s first-ever e-ballot to help us elect new Board Members for the positions of Secretary, Director-at-Large, and Student Director-at-Large. E-balloting election for new members of NCECA’s Board of Directors opens Wednesday, March 4 and closes at 4pm CST, Friday March 21, 2014. IMPORTANT- NCECA MEMBERS MUST USE THEIR NCECA MEMBER E-MAIL AND PASSWORD LOG-INS IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE IN BOARD ELECTIONS. VERIFY YOUR MEMBERSHIP STATUS, […]

We often say that NCECA is a “member-driven” organization.  We rely on input from our membership to make decisions about the direction of the organization.  The conference is one of our best opportunities to get feedback, whether that be from a member that stops by the NCECA booth to chat about an idea or concern, or at the annual members’ business meeting.  This is one of the best opportunities all […]

Employing jazz harmonic sensibility and a deep-seated love of diverse cultures, De La Buena explores the textures and rhythms of Latin musics of the Americas with roots planted firmly in african Diasporic traditions. De La Buena has been electrifying audiences with their own brand of Afro-Cuban and latin Jazz.  Growing from a trio into a powerful 10-piece over the last six years, De La Buena has been electrifying audiences with their […]

It’s hard to overstate the importance of Topical Discussions and NCECA Connections when it comes to NCECA’s programming. You’ve probably attended one of these sessions, and you might not even know it. For the uninitiated, Topical Discussions are an opportunity for members to put on small, informal seminars about things they are passionate about.  Thursday afternoon, from 5:15-6:15 on, you have the opportunity to participate in any one of these […]

If you’ve been to an NCECA conference before, you already know the allure of the Resource Hall.  If you haven’t been, you’ll soon find out.  That room seems to be the source of a temporal anomaly, because hours pass like minutes and before you know it, you hear the announcement telling you it’s 5:00 and the Resource Hall is closing. Situated around the frenzy that is created by the commercial […]

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With a history dating back to 1888, the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Collection includes nearly 25,000 works from antiquity to the present, encompassing painting, drawing, sculpture, decorative arts, prints, video art and installations, and textiles. The Museum’s collections of American decorative arts, German Expressionist prints and paintings, folk and Haitian art, and American art after 1960 are among the nation’s finest.  Additionally, Milwaukee Art Museum will host the NCECA show, Flow. […]

Like Zach Morris in the 90s Television Series Saved by the Bell, I’m going to break character for a moment and speak personally….this is absolutely the number 1 presentation on my list for this conference.  I’ve been excited about this one since the board gathered to review all the programming proposals last May….A panel of giants in the clay world of social media…all with great personalities and beautiful work to […]

After a lovely evening of gallery openings on Thursday evening, you can get your groove on from 9:30pm – 1:00am in the Regency Ballroom A-B at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee.  If you play a musical instrument, or would like to listen to some great music, join this informal gathering of musicians playing improvised/unrehearsed music.  Last year, our conference blogger, Duncan Blount, wrote of the potter’s jam: I danced pretty hardcore at […]

Plenty, a collaborate exhibition by Allison Rose Craver and Katie Coughlin, will be on view at Heather Cooke Elliot, located in Suite 302 of the Marshall building,  for the duration of the NCECA conference. The exhibit includes a new collaborative work  that celebrates the role of tableware in the development of memory and ritual as well as a selection of works made independently by each artist. Though Allison is primarily a […]