Phew! Providence flew right on past without stopping. This year was amazing; conference-goers posted more photos on social media this year than ever before, and the beat goes on! Follow the hashtag #nceca2015 on Instagram to catch up on conference content and to see what artists are doing with knowledge and insights gained in Providence. Keep the trend going by using #nceca2015 and happy making!

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Hi There NCECA Friends! Maybe there are some party animals amongst us! Maybe you’re looking for some good music, drinks and company? Here’s several places to stop by this week! Dinner & Dancing: Circe – Weybosset St. across from the Arcade Xo Cafe – North Main Street, next to Harry’s Burger Bar Local 121 – Washington St. near the Biltmore  The Dorrance: 60 Dorrance St.     Drinks & Dancing: Whiskey Republic […]

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Hi There NCECA Friends! It’s finally here! I hope you’re all settling in well and getting ready to enjoy Providence! Deals for the Week, will focus on deals around town on coffee, tea, drinks, & food.   **Remember to show your NCECA Badge for discounts.** All Week Long: New Harvest – inside the Arcade on Westminister St – .25 cents off coffee and tea Rogue Island – 10% off foods […]

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The easiest way to see shows is definitely to get on one of the tours or shuttles. BUT, for many folks and for a variety of reasons, this may not be an option. It can be a bit of a challenge to navigate an unfamiliar city, so try to find several others to share in the navigation and/or costs. I would suggest that folks wanting to venture out to see […]

Hi NCECA Friends! Thought it would be a great idea to share some vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants as per request of some Great Neck, NY friends!   Veggie Fun -123 Dorrance St – Lunch & Dinner – 10-15 walk, very close to Hampton Inn Veggie Fun specializes in vegetarian Asian food. Known for their amazing food, polite staff and fun atmosphere. Small space, good for groups of 4-6 people. […]

Last week we provided an index to all the blog posts about this year’s programming.  But we don’t want you to miss any of the great posts we’ve had about the beautiful city of Providence either!  Use this index to help you discover the other places you want to see while you’re at NCECA! Restaurants Rogue Island G-Pub Providence Place Mall (Multiple restaurant options) Cindy’s “Best-of” Blog article on restaurants […]

Hi NCECA Friends! It’s beginning to feel a lot like NCECA time! I’m hope everyone is getting excited for the journey to Providence! There’s a list of my top five favorite places in Providence to enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner! 1. Waterman Grille – 4 Richmond Square, Fox Point Neighborhood, Providence The easiest directions are to drive up Waterman St, and keep going until you hit the water. Eventually there’s […]

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Hi NCECA Friends! After talking to some local Providence coffee connoisseurs and friends I was able to put together a few more fun spots for a fine cup of cheer.  Small Point Cafe, Olga’s Cup and Saucer and Coffee Exchange are the shops that will be featured in this post.        Small Point Cafe – 230 Westminster Stree Great space for a breakfast or  a light lunch or afternoon snack, a common sandwich […]

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Hi There! Here’s a list of local shops that may help you with any necessary items, pharmacies, grocery stores, liquor stores…etc. Convenience Stores Atwells Minimart 196 Atwells Avenue (401) 457-9994 7-ELEVEN 10 Dorrance Street #105 (401) 351-6287 Super Star Mini Market 163 Broadway Pharmacies East Side Prescription Center (401) 751-1430 632 Hope St CVS (401) 461-4383 960 Broad St Walgreens 401-276-8301 333 Atwells Ave     Liquor […]

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So usually I leave the food and other area points of interest to the locals, but after visiting Providence twice, I have found a few favorites of my own.  I really had to think twice about whether to share them though, because I worry that they might become so popular that I can’t get a table!  So, as you read this, keep in mind that if I show up at one […]

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For many NCECA attendees, the workshops that happen before and after the conference are one of the most memorable parts of the experience.  Pre & Post-Conference events are not planned by NCECA, but rather extension offerings from the local artist community.  There are some really great experiences to be had this year in the Providence area, so consider coming early or staying late.  Many of these opportunities are still open!  Read […]

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Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA) will award scholarships to six Rhode Island artists to attend the 49th Annual NCECA Conference in Providence, March 25-38. The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) is a nonprofit organization that fosters global education and appreciation for the ceramic arts. NCECA’s annual conference has earned a reputation worldwide as a premiere event for ceramic art, drawing thousands each year. […]

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Hi there NCECA Friends! This will be the first of several installments that will focus on  several places to enjoy a great coffee or tea beverage and something sweet on the side. They will be arranged by in how close these establishments are to the convention center. (closest to furthest) Providence had a great number of coffee and tea shops that are sure to impress your tastebuds. Ellie’s Bakery Located […]

• Register now!  Early bird rates end on February 6th. Maintain your NCECA membership and save up to $65! • Book your flight with NCECA’s Southwest Airlines discount code and save up to 15% on your air fare • Try the Train!  Amtrak’s Northeast Regional originates in Norfolk, VA, travels through Providence and terminates in Boston.  A ticket from Norfolk is about $80, and that’s already cheaper than 5 nights of parking! • […]

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