Feast your eyes on 10 of the 50 plates for sale to benefit NCECA’s 50th Anniversary.  Selected by Simon Levin and generously donated by 50 artists who believe in NCECA’s mission.  Although several of these plates have already been sold and are enjoying their new homes, you still have an opportunity to own a beautiful piece of artwork while simultaneously benefiting NCECA.  Click on any plate image to go directly […]

A few weeks ago, we announced our  ”Set the Table with Plates for NCECA’s 50th” Fundraiser.  However, in the midst of the pre-conference excitement, we realize some of our members may have missed this announcement: Simon Levin has selected fifty fabulous folk to provide plates precisely for the purpose of fiftieth anniversary fundraising. Do not fret, for the plates have just been made available for sale today, so you have […]

Gresham, Wisconsin studio potter Simon Levin has asked fifty of his favorite clay workers* to contribute a plate to a fundraising initiative in support of NCECA’s 50th anniversary, which falls in 2016. Over the past two months some of your favorite potters across the country opened an emailed letter that asked them to imagine Simon playing the role of Uncle Sam with his clay covered finger pointing their way proclaiming, […]

Several years ago, the NCECA board began asking the membership how we, as an organization, should commemorate our 50th anniversary.  Subsequently, for the last two years, we have had multiple task forces exploring and developing the most popular ideas.  One of the projects in development a video project, which has taken the form of a series of sequential videos unfolding the marvelous story of our organization. Last year during the […]

I love the show “How I Met Your Mother”, and in it, one of the characters (Ted, an architect) will often announce a “fun fact” before saying something he finds terribly interesting about a building.  Other architects would also find these facts amusing, but of course, none of his friends are architects, so they all tease him about it.  But, fortunately almost all of my friends are part of my […]

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For the first time in our history, NCECA will have a professional videographer capture the spirit and excitement of our annual conference.  Be on the lookout for our conference camera crew: Tuesday night – at the Expo Opening, 6:30-8:00pm Wednesday – out and about visiting galleries and shows in Houston Thursday – In the conference center from 10-4 ****Spoiler Alert****As our videographer roams the conference, he will be stopping people […]