Posted by Jen Chua

Are you an artist or ceramics professor just itching to give back? The Student Critique Room is ready for YOU to help a budding student artist develop his or her potential!

The student critique room will be open from 8:30am-4pm on Thursday, March 26th and Friday, March 27th in room 554A of the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, RI.  Click here to see a list of time slots available.

After you’ve signed up, please also send a brief biography and 2 images of your work to so that we can create a directory for the students to peruse when they come to the student critique room.

Sign up for a shift (or 3) and change a student’s life.

2 Responses so far.

  1. I spent a fair bit of time at the student crit room in Milwaukee and I cannot express how wonderful it was to see students make real connections with people they respect in the field. Please help this room grow by encouraging (don’t feel guilty about guilting) peers and colleagues to volunteer to give a couple critiques. This means the world to the students and can be very rewarding for the mentors as well. And students, don’t forget to SIGN UP EARLY!

  2. Eric Stearns says:


    I would be glad to critique students if you still have room. I know I helped you out last year and will be glad to do it again this year. Thanks.