Posted by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

What’s a blinc?

It’s a fresh new “concise presentation format”, NCECA style!


What’s a “concise presentation format”?

It can be lots of things.  One example of a concise presentation is the Ted Talk, which allows 18 minutes per speaker.  Another would be the 1 Million Cups platform, which allows speakers 6 minutes to present, followed by 20 minutes of questions.  There are many other formats and themes popping up, and clearly, these pithy presentations are growing in popularity.

The past two years, NCECA has been doing its own experimentation with quick presentations.  The 30 minute process-room demos, which were piloted in Houston, were so popular that more space and consideration was given to them in Milwaukee, and rooms were STILL at capacity.  In Providence we had to add overflow rooms to accommodate every one!

So we hear you, and we understand you want more quick bites of programming rather than full five course meals.  For Kansas City, we will be adding yet another layer to our presentation offerings in order to meet the needs of our changing society and organizational demographics.

Our version will be inspired by the PechaKucha (in case you’re wondering, it’s pronounced puh-chah-kuh-chah, with the emphasis on the first “chah”).  This format is image driven, with 20 slides auto-advancing every 20 seconds.

If you are one of those folks that miss the slide forums, or if you are of the instagram age, and enjoy image-rich programming, our new approach to offering this type of content will be perfect for you.   This opportunity will be open to all NCECA members.   Be sure to watch the blog for more details and for the opening of the call coming soon!


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  1. Keith J Williams says:

    Yet another programming innovation!
    I think our programming explosion of the recent past – starting with the Project Space in Phoenix is thrilling. The creativity of the board and staff continue to impress me and make me happy to continue to be a witness to, and beneficiary of, NCECA’s development.

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