Student Critique Room

Student Critique Room

Students wanted!

The Student Critique Room is live! We have a wonderful line up of mentors and artists from around the country who have graciously donated their time to help support and guild you through your artistic endeavors. Critiques commence on Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th starting at 9am.

NCECA happily facilitates this formal discussion for you to grow and learn, there is nothing in the world like the getting feedback from a thoughtful and educated artist. The nuances and details of the conversations you have with a mentor, as a student from any level, can be a thought provoking and life changing experience. Do Miss Your Opportunity!

Make sure to bring all of the images you want to show on a Flashdrive or external Harddrive, (that can work on both Mac and PC) there will be no WiFi in the convention center. Bring your note book to document all of the details of your conversation.

Make sure to sign up for the Student Critique Room online:

Drop-in Slots will be available on Wednesday starting at 2:30pm on a first come first serve bases at the conference room 310!


Any questions or concerns please contact:

Brandon Schnur SDAL

Return of the Mentor

Return of the Mentor

Hello Teachers, Mentors and Artists,

The anticipation of NCECA is starting to close in around us. For some of us adept conference goer, we know the experience as a time to relax, scramble to get to everything, catch up with friends and see great art in a new city that openly welcomes our ceramics community to their front door. It’s like Christmas in March!

For some students, these feeling are secondary. Their great anticipation is the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with a ceramic artist they wouldn’t normally have the capacity to formally talk to. This experience can change the life of a young ceramics artist still trying to find their voice.

Please consider participating: Student Critiques will happen on Thursday the 15th and Friday the 16th from 9am until 4:30pm in Room 310 at the David L. Lawrence Conference Center.

It’s easy to become an unforgettable presence in the life of a young student, and it only take a Half Hour.
Click Here To Sign Up

Please contact Student Director at Large (Brandon Schnur) For any questions or concerns:



A little reminder to everyone that is planning to apply for the fellowships NCECA offers, Project proposals are due Oct. 25 for both the Regina Brown Undergraduate Student Fellowship (up to 3 awards of $1,800 each are available) and the NCECA Graduate Student Fellowship (up to 3 awards of $2,000 each are available).

Two letters of recommendation are required with each application; we strongly suggest that you submit your proposal in a timely fashion to provide enough time for recommenders to complete the Confidential Letter of Recommendation Upload form by the Oct. 25 deadline.

Project abstracts and budget proposals are also time consuming and will require a lot of forethought, so make sure they have been well planned and have realistic goals.

We want all students to have an opportunity to further their careers as artist with the kind of funding they may not otherwise have access to. So, Make those proposals count!

Review the guidelines for more details.

NCECA Graduate Fellowship

Regina Brown Undergraduate Fellowship


For the Board, for the Students

For the Board, for the Students

Another year of classes brings with it the seemingly endless studying, cups and cups of coffee and the ever-brilliant critiques, whether you love or loath it, each student slowly steps closer to that light at the end of the tunnel. I know you can endure, you know you can endure, yet we deserve that oasis along the endless trek towards our degree. NCECA is that oasis! Who would have thought that the cure from endless ceramics conversation would come from even more ceramics? Hair of the dog? Yes, please!

This upcoming year is the 52nd anniversary of NCECA.   Pittsburgh, PA will be providing a place for clay lovers, students, established artists, and friends alike to explore contemporary ceramics and the city that has welcomed us with open arms. This year also calls for passionate people to step to the plate and continue the rich development of NCECA.

When I first decided to take on the Student-Director-at-Large position I felt that I already had a very deep connection to NCECA, however, I had no idea how much more involved I could be with the organization. As a board member, I help oversee development and the growth of many of the amazing activities that the conference offers. There is a great feeling of accomplishment to knowing that I have a hand in developing the Student Interest Programming and being involved with the National Student Juried Exhibition. All the work it takes to be a board member is a labor of love, a permanent place in the history of the organization and knowing that I have helped to shape a great conference.

If you are community oriented, organized and passionate, we are seeking candidates for the two-year position of Student-Director-at-Large. The position can be approached by either nomination or application due by October 4th. Contact the Board Steward (aqnd a former student director-at-large himself), Steve Hilton, or the current Student directors Naomi Clement or Brandon Schnur for more information.

Thank you,

Brandon Schnur (Student-Director-at- Large 2017-2019)

Students: Your Voice, Your Chance.

Students: Your Voice, Your Chance.

Quest for Clay: The Importance of Travel, 2017 NCECA, Portland, Oregon

Even as the pressures of the semester are winding down for most students and everyone gearing up for summer activities, I want to make sure that everyone is still keeping NCECA on their minds. Now is the time for thinking about how you want to shape your future and your ideas, NCECA wants to give you the opportunity to focus these ideas and share your thoughts and energy with everyone. As a community run organization, everyone is welcome to help form our content, and students play just as vital of a role as anyone else. Not quite sure exactly what Student Interests content is? Mary Cloonan, NCECA’s Programs Director, explains it in her “Apply Yourself!” post (Read the full article here): Apply Yourself!

As a graduate student I have had a lot of life experiences, both good and bad, and feel like I have a story to tell. I was in China when I when I applied for my first NCECA lecture, as I realized how important travel and studying abroad was for my art practice and myself. Why would I not want to share my experiences and my collection of ideas if I thought it could help other, or inspire new ideas?

This is the best opportunity for students to share themselves in a meaningful way, and all too often students don’t take advantage of this wonderful chance. Do you have a project, collaboration, or just an experience you want to share? Who better to tell the stories you want to hear at NCECA than you? The application deadline for Student Perspective program proposals is September 6th, 2017 for the 52nd Annual Conference CrossCurrents: Clay and Culture in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Link to application:) Student Interests Programming Proposals.
Mark your calendars and I hope to hear your story in Pittsburgh.

-If you have any questions or concerns you can email either NCECA Student Director at Large, Naomi Clements or Myself:
-Brandon Schnur
Graduate Student, West Virginia University
Student Director at Large 2017- 2019

Quest for Clay: The Importance of Travel, 2017 NCECA, Portland, Oregon