Around the Corner will exhibit the work of University of Missouri-Columbia Professor of Art, Bede Clarke alongside fifteen of his former students.  Clarke goes beyond teaching to become an enduring mentor for many of his pupils.  The fifteen former undergraduate and graduate students chosen for this exhibition are active in the ceramic arts field as full-time artists, artists-in-residence, and educators.

Clarke’s work ranges from wood fired pottery to surface-oriented conceptual pieces and his students’ work reflects this breadth.  Around the Corner will exhibit a wide range of work that all carries a thread put in place by the same mentor.  Bill Wilkey’s pots show a strong geometry while Mandy Salov’s delicate porcelain sculptures engage the viewer with their fleeting presence.  Each participating artist has a strong connection with Clarke, but also strives to enhance the ceramic arts field by passionately creating and educating.

Around the Corner will serve to honor a mentor in the field of ceramic arts while exhibiting the work of strong ceramic artists.  See this amazing show at The Beggar’s Table at 2010 Baltimore Avenue from March 14, 2016 – April 14, 2016

Around the Corner will feature work by: Bede Clarke, Leah Bowring, Eric Carlson, Jenny Dowd, Erica Iman, Joshua Kuensting, Fergus Moore, Norleen Nosri, Gin O’Keefe, Thomas Parker, Louis Reilly, Amanda Salov, Ian Shelly, Natalie Shelly, Iren Tete, and Bill Wilkey.