Posted by Cindy Bracker, Communications Director

If you haven’t already watched the app video, you can view it here on youtube.  BUT, I held something back.  Did you notice?  I didn’t talk about the icon on the second page labeled “CLICK”  Did you look at it?

It’s actually a really fun game that can also help you meet new people.  It’s basically a scavenger hunt.  Snap a pic and upload it directly to the click server.  Easy and fun!


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  1. Kirstin Davidson says:

    I played Click all through the conference and really enjoyed it. It forced me to look for things that I would likely have missed, had it not been for the prompting of the game. Came in second – the winner was a great player!

  2. Elaine Monaghan aka Dustcollectors says:

    I had great fun playing the scavenger hunt. I hope you continue to offer it in future events/conferences. I also hope that the popularity of it grows, when I would stop people and ask them to take their picture they did not know about the game. I ended up talking it up a lot! There seemed to be a few serious players which kept me very engaged (for a while I was neck in neck with another player). I did have to flag my self on one of my entries, I did not realize until it was too late to change it that I miss-understood the “NCECA biennial” challenge.
    thank you for putting this together.

    • Kirstin Davidson says:

      Elaine, you were a formidable opponent! It was fun though, wasn’t it? It really made me notice so much more than I would have, being a first-timer at NCECA. I’m going to adapt this game to fit something I program with choristers at camp every fall. Maybe they will get to know their surroundings as well as I did (and I imagine you did). Well done and congrats!!

      • Elaine Monaghan says:

        Kristen, Thank you. I am an inspector by trade so I love looking for details, that is why I hope they continue to develop this game for future NCECA events. This was my first conference as well, I will not be able to attend next year but 2017 might be a possibility. Keeping my fingers crossed.