With the support of 92Y Virtual Clay, Skutt Kilns, Shapeways, Anne W. Bracker, West Virginia University, and presenting artists, Clay Fab Lab represents a new conference experience with clay, touch, and technology. Emergence of new technologies and their application to ceramic art and learning represent exciting possibilities that will influence the field’s continued evolution in the 21st century. Many of these technologies are becoming more accessible and some are even DIY… Using […]

Lee Burningham’s introduction of James Watkins’s session invited anyone who thought that they might be in the wrong room to “Stay! …because this is better.” While I don’t know what else was happening at this time during the conference, I’m inclined to agree with him.  Yes, I probably say this about ALL the conference presentations I edit, but I think this one REALLY is my favourite so far, possibly because I have […]

I feel like I’m preaching to the choir a bit in this post, because I know that the people that read the NCECA blog regularly are the most informed conference-goers we have.  YOU all are the ones who know to about the special help and guidance for first timers, the scholarships for students and teachers, all the new things we’re trying out, the locations of EVERYTHING, and so on. But, […]