Perhaps the glow or jet-lag of NCECA has yet to fade, but what better time than this to think about applying to be a presenter at next year’s conference? You are bleery-eyed and tired and may agree to just about anything.  Remember! You shape the conference like you shape the clay, NCECA is created and driven by its member’s expertise and passion. Next year’s NCECA Conference is in Portland, Oregon […]

In an era of Do-it-Yourself mentality, Farm to Table politics and the Buy Local movement, there is a heighteded awareness around conscientious consumption.  Overseas manufacturing and imported goods have affected our economy, vitality of our communities and trends in the marketplace. Made in the USA” labels glean celebration as consumers exhibit quite activism (purchasing power) with their dollar.  People feel gratified through developing relationships with their local food purveyors and […]

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Welcome home NCECA friends!   I hope you are all re-adjusting to your regular non-NCECA week schedules.  My first week back from NCECA has been filled with a lot of conference wrap up including jotting down notes about things to improve systems for next year, receiving and responding to a ton of emails (with more still to do), writing the NCECA survey (keep reading for more on this), and making plans […]

I’m very excited to begin the year’s posting of conference content with the number one rated presentation.  (Note, if you did not mark the sessions you attended and take the survey, please do that to help me continue to update the priority on posting!) Last year, while reading the survey comments one person indicated that more topics on business for artists would be great.  That person was Melinda McCutchan, an […]

NCECA is always a hustle and bustle of so many things to do all happening at once.  Decisions have to be made and it’s hard.  Fortunately, we have technology to help us soften the blow of missing things we really want to see.  For those of you who were unable to stick around after awards for the preview of the 50th anniversary video, here it is.  And stay tuned for […]

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As I sit in the ballroom, in the break between emerging artists presentation and closing lecture, I am reflecting on the events of this last week, as many of you are.  Saying goodbye to NCECA is always bittersweet.  I look forward to sleeping…  But the “let-down” feeling from seeing, in this year’s case, THREE  years of hard work come to an abrupt end is rough.  I am excited to see and […]

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So here I am, sitting in a plane full of total strangers who are also going to NCECA.   And  maybe you’ve heard that I have some social anxiety issues.  But I kind of forgot all of that until I got onto the plane and was confronted by the fact that I was heading to Kansas City, and, judging by the conversation snippets, so was everyone else on this flight.  […]

20 artists from NCECA’s 2016 Invitational “Unconventional Clay: Engaged in Change” created videos about their approach to the medium.  Take a few minutes and get a glimpse into these artists studios. See you Thursday evening at the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  Arrive by 6:30 to catch Joey Watson’s performance!  

You’ve met the board, you’ve met the staff… but do you know who’s doing all those Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumbler and Facebook posts? It’s time to meet your NCECA social media team! Amanda Barr, Social Media Director ( What social media-ing do you do? A little bit of everything, but my main job is the Instagram feed. Where do you currently live/work? Seattle, Washington; I’m a resident artist at Pottery Northwest, teach Spanish […]

We are thrilled to share news of the extremely popular NCECA Gallery Expo, a featured element of the organization’s 50th annual conference, Mentors, Makers & Milestones, which takes place in Kansas City, at Bartle Hall. At NCECA’s Gallery Expo, you will find and be able to purchase exceptional finished ware from top galleries across the country. A public reception where you can even meet many of the artists will open […]

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Hello from Kansas City!  We are making our final preparations here and are excited to welcome around 6,000 clay lovers to Kansas City!!!!  It looks like we are going to be blessed with pretty good spring weather for the conference, so pack accordingly!  If you haven’t downloaded the NCECA App yet, what are you waiting for? • I strongly recommend that you vote in the NCECA Board Member Election before […]

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One of the highlights of NCECA is the distinguished lecture, which connects a prominent scholar or other critical voice with our audience.  For the past few years, the distinguished lecture has been graciously supported by the Chipstone Foundation, a Milwaukee-based nonprofit that extends the boundaries of the decorative arts. Thanks to the Chipstone Foundation, this year’s distinguished lecturer is Jenni Sorkin, who is an assistant professor of art history at […]

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If you’ve been a clayer for a while (descriptive term, “clayer,” courtesy Louis Katz), you have likely heard of the Cone Box Show. An juried exhibition of miniature pots, which would be adjudicated from the actual pieces while still keeping shipping and handling costs down for artist entries. The question of size limitation was easily answered given that in the 70s, when the show originated, the Orton Standard Cone Box, […]

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It’s exciting to see how the NCECA conference evolves to meet the needs and desires of its attendees and the field of ceramics.  Premiering a new piece of programming is exhilarating but overwhelming too.  This year, NCECA has TWO brand new platforms to entertain and educate you.  In case you missed it last week the NCECA Blog shared information about Blinc 20:20.  This week, we’re telling you all about the new Clay FabLab, which […]

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