Today’s column is about giving you some inside information about who you need to know.  The NCECA organization is supported by a stupendous staff of 8 led by our exceptional Executive Director, Josh Green.  There really just aren’t enough words to accurately convey the magnificence of Josh.  He has breadth of knowledge on a variety of topics not just related to clay, but also business and the running of a non-profit organization.  He’s […]

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I am excited to announce that next week (Friday, February 26th), The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art in Kansas City, MO, will open NCECA’s 2016 Invitational exhibition “Unconventional Clay: Engaged in Change.”  Co-curated by the museum’s Director of Curatorial Affairs Catherine Futter and myself, the exhibition will feature the works of 24 artists who are pushing the boundaries of the medium and exploring connections between clay, art, process and social issues.  The exhibition […]

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Dear NCECA Friends, I just wanted to reach out to you briefly and write a few words about this years Keynote speaker Liz Lerman. For all of us involved in the world of the ceramic arts and education we know how seminal the “Critique” is to learning. Perhaps no one has written more insightfully about this process than Liz Lerman. Liz Lerman is a performer, teacher, speaker and consultant. In […]

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The Garden Party explores the fine line between the need to preserve and the need to re-imagine, re-configure, and re-contextualize the world around us.  Tapping into the rich visual and symbolic history of the garden as muse, the selected artists question artificiality, preciousness, and romantic notions of the sublime. Featured Artists: Kim Dickey, Rain Harris, Jessica Knapp, Kyle Triplett, and Casey Whittier “The Garden Party features five artists who utilize ceramics to […]

Enjoy a video of this popular presentation with the remarkable Marc Leuthold from our 2015 conference in Providence.  See it now below, streamed from our WatchNCECA YouTube account, and be sure to subscribe to our channel to automatically receive notifications of new content added to the channel, (including planned uploads of content from our upcoming conference –  Watch for the 2016 conference content to start going up about a week or two after […]

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Changing it up a bit this year for the 50th and the anticipated crowds with less hands-on and more lesson or classroom ideas to inspire and revitalize you and your students. Investigating ways to mobilize you with your colleagues and engage your students with the outside community.  Presenters will share educational program models to borrow from or adapt for your school situation. Beginning Thursday morning, Adriana Villagomwz will share how […]

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Cosentino’s is just a couple blocks from the Kansas City convention center and they have just about everything you could need.  From fresh fruits and veggies to other grocery needs, even alcohol and a cafeteria style restaurant, including my favourite – the Gyro counter, where they make amazing sandwiches right in front of your eyes (if you like spicy food, don’t skip the hot pepper relish sauce stuff…it’s awesome!)  There’s also a whole […]

I have to say, I don’t envy you all this decision. Believe me, I know how lucky I am to live in Lawrence and be close enough to take in so many of these amazing NCECA shows. For those of you coming from afar, your best bet is to book the bus. But which one? Well, there’s the tempting tour to Lawrence that I told you about a couple of […]

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…37 artists, ………22 countries, ………………..6 continents The Lighton International Artists Exchange Program presents… “Desire“ We live for desire. It is our life force. It is the future. Desire pushes us forward. It is brightly pigmented and bound by the earth. Desire is the energy of evolution; urging, wanting, striving and competing. It dazzles us.  The hormonal body desires physical exchange and procreation. We want to survive and are genetically inclined […]

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I distinctly remember the moment I met Marge Levy.  It was 2010, and I was at my very first board meeting, while she was a seasoned vet in the NCECA organization, having already served a full term as President before returning to the board to take on the role of onsite liaison for the Seattle conference.  I really can’t think of a more perfect person to close our Makers, Mentors, and Milestones […]

The first signs of the NCECA invasion are hitting Kansas City.  Several incredible ceramic exhibitions opened on Friday night.  My whole family enjoyed seeing 3 shows at Penn Valley Community College’s Carter Arts Center.  (note:  the Gallery is on the south side of campus.  Many GPS programs will automatically route you to the north side.  The gallery has a beautiful glass front with an amazing sculpture right inside.  If you don’t […]

Can you spare an hour or two of your conference time to do several 30-minute critiques with some eager students? Are you an artist or ceramics professor just itching to give back?  The Student Critique Room is ready for YOU! The Critique Room gives students the opportunity to receive direct feedback about their work from a professional in the field. The student critique room will be open Thursday and Friday […]

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If there is still room in your brain and sketchbook for more techniques, after Thursday’s slate of process room presenters, we have yet another day of techniques to tantalize and teach. First out of the gate is Stuart Asprey painting on the surface in Clay as Canvas.  He will be sharing another way to enhance and engage the façade of your work, bringing 2-D skills into the mix. He will touch […]

Kansas City is not shy on BBQ joints but also holds its own in the Vegetarian/Vegan cuisine Category.  Whichever you crave you will want to check out the following restaurants based on your interests. If you find yourself in the Crossroads exploring exhibitions and hunger strikes check out Cafe Gratitude located at 333 Southwest Blvd. Their vegetarian and vegan menu is one of the best in KC.  Serving raw food, […]

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