The greater Kansas City area is hosting over 100 exhibitions in association with NCECA.  Together with Lew White Bus Tours, our local team has put together some incredible bus routes to help you make the most of your conference experience.  The galleries & venues mounting these shows are rolling out their red carpets…(or rather, their red white & black NCECA Exhibition flags) with receptions on either Thursday or Friday night.  We are […]

NCECA is excited to offer single-day pass scholarships to 100 students and 10 teachers from Kansas City area high schools. Students and teachers from schools located in the Kansas City Metro (including schools between Lawrence, KS and St. Joseph, MO) in grades 9-12 are eligible to apply for the Val Cushing Memorial Scholarship. Scholarship recipients will be given the opportunity to attend the 2016 NCECA Conference for free thanks to […]

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Where do you currently live/work? Baltimore, MD What do you like most about your job? OR  What do you like most about where you live? Which job? I have When I was executive director of Baltimore Clayworks what I liked most was putting together partnerships that put clay in the hands of individuals who had no opportunity to experience ceramics. I loved to see the magic happen. Now that I […]

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“Every Semester: Collecting KCAI Ceramics 1995 – 2015” celebrates two decades of the Kansas City Art Institute ceramics department as told by 14 regional collectors who acquired student works, often through the popular end-of-semester exhibitions. The selections demonstrate a wide range of artistic investigations, techniques, and media that have long been the hallmark of the KCAI curriculum. According to the exhibition organizer, Cary Esser, professor and chair of the KCAI […]

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Greetings fellow potters and lovers of clay! Just a quick reminder that the ClayStories event, which will be held on the evening of Thursday March 17th, during the 50th Annual NCECA conference, is still accepting applications for story tellers. If you are interested in having 5 minutes on stage to tell a story related to clay, we are interested in possibly having you be one of our speakers! In addition […]

We are currently in an era of art where “anything goes”, so how and why do we address craft in today’s climate? The roots of ceramics are deeply founded in the history of craft. So much so, that it is still debated if ceramics should be a fine art or craft. Granted most in academia classify ceramics as fine art, nevertheless it is often assessed on the technical craftsmanship of […]

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Many, many thanks to each and every person who shared their work on the Across the Table, Across the Land webapp! We are in Portland right now, working through the submissions and developing the exhibition component of the project. The range of projects and stories are fantastic, and it is truly a pleasure working through the submissions. All submissions we received are posted in the webapp, visit here to see […]

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Welcome back from the long holiday break, and welcome to 2016!  NCECA is closer than you might think and despite the freezing temperatures, things are really heating up in the Greater Kansas City Area!  One of the wonderful things about our conference is all the vast opportunities that surround it.  Exhibitions all over the region pop up in all sorts of unexpected places and whole communities gain a greater understanding of […]

Around the year 2000, An amazing group of individuals with a passion for Ceramic Art Education formed the K-12 Clay Exhibition, with a commitment and desire to advance the field of ceramics and the art of teaching clay.  In the years that followed, this exhibition has grown exponentially.  Scholarships and awards for both teachers and students are funded by manufacturers, institutions, suppliers, and individuals.  Over $50,000 will be available for this year’s […]

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Where do you currently live/work? I live in Mount Morris, in rural Western New York.  The town is on the edge of letchworth state park which is often likened to the grand canyon of the east. Mount Morris is the home of Francis Bellamy, the author of the pledge of allegiance, and often as I drive past his home I am reminded of how I recited that every morning as […]

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Last year, NCECA members donated over ONE THOUSAND CUPS to the annual NCECA cup sale.  I think we can increase that number this year.  Richard Wehrs, cup show coordinator extraordinare (and maker of awesome cups) is already hard at work in his studio making some cups with serious character.  Who’s joining him? Need more enticement?  A decade ago, NCECA established the “Cups of Merit” Commission Award to recognize outstanding craftsmanship and artistic […]

In her article in the 2015 NCECA Journal, Kelly O’Briant writes Individuals develop habits, patterns, and rituals that ultimately expose much about the human condition.  These practices exist within our communication, our daily routines, and even our relationships.  I am intrigued by the patterns and habits that are revealed through the placement and combination of everyday objects in our intimate spaces, such as the casual distribution of breakfast dishes across […]

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With the start of the new year, I start to shuffle through all my receipts and attempt to make sense of my organizational system, which looks a lot like my cats do my filing for me. They do love paperwork. Sitting on it. Many of us clay artists gravitate towards the material for its tangible goodness, the tactile reward of dedication and skill. Numbers don’t always possess that satisfaction. At […]

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