FUTURE FLUX, the 51st annual NCECA conference takes place in Portland, Oregon in 2017.   Although it seems a long way off, it will be here before we know it!   NCECA is committed to the exhibition and expansion of contemporary ceramic practice including diverse approaches that range from utilitarian and designed objects to sculpture, installations, site-specific works and performative events. Concurrent Exhibitions (CEs) are an important feature of NCECA’s annual conference […]

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RIP Dr. Daum. You were a HUGE asset to our region and to the world of artists working with clay. Dr. Daum lost a battle with cancer on December 28. Cary and I drove to Sedalia last night for the opening of a couple of shows at the Daum Museum. I’m color blind (literally) and even I could see rich hues in many of the works in their Permanent Collection. […]

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Pamper yourself with an exceptional excursion on Wednesday to lovely Lawrence, KS  to take in twelve terrific shows, with breakfast and lunch included!  This is a timed tour, so the bus stays with you the whole time, and no one is left behind.  The tour will have its own incredible and gregarious guide, who is local, knowledgable and entertaining to boot! Buy your bus ticket now to ensure a spot on […]

NCECA has embraced technology that allows us to provide exciting content to you in a new way. Ultimately, our commitment to sustainability and greener practices encourages NCECA to phase out DVD production and offer all of our interesting and informative video content via digital download. Three brand new videos from the 2015 Process Room in Providence, Rhode Island are now available! Each compilation includes highlights from four sessions and are […]

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Digital Applications in Ceramic Pedagogy Panel Abstract, Topical Discussions The purpose of this topical discussion is to broaden the knowledge of how to integrate digital practices into a ceramic curriculum and examine resources that are available for schools to obtain equipment or access.  It will also give a broader reading of the opinions and methodologies towards incorporating technology in ceramic education.   Digital technology in ceramic education is an emerging […]

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A hop, skip and a 45 minute jump from the convention center, in nearby Lawrence, KS, you’ll find three exhibitions showcasing the heart of the region.  Midwest Mentors, organized by Bracker’s Good Earth Clays, represents work from artists across the US and internationally, who have presented workshops there since the last Kansas City NCECA.  Although they have created a complete electronic catalog of this exhibition, this is definitely a show you […]

Social media has gotten HOT this year. The NCECA Instagram account is about to hit 8,000 followers, our Facebook and Twitter pages are more active than ever, the blog is going strong- and we’ve even added Snapchat and Periscope accounts to round out the club, which also includes a Tumblr feed, YouTube channel, and Pinterest boards. What does that mean for you? It means you can be part of  the conference […]

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The Process Room has blossomed into one of the conference’s most popular offerings, way beyond the glimmer it was in former Program Director, Steve Hilton’s eyes three years ago. As those who attended NCECA in Providence know, the room was packed and we created an overflow room with live video feed. For those who couldn’t squeeze into either place, Our YouTube Channel offers highlights from the Jennifer Allen session and […]

If the conference has a palpable pulse, the heartbeat is the Resource Hall.  I’m excited to tell you that we have redesigned the layout for this year to improve the flow and create a new level of interest. If you’ve been to the conference before, you probably already know the allure of the Resource Hall.  If you’re new to the NCECA experience, let me warn you that the resource hall […]

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Lots of folks have been asking me about this ride, and I am thrilled to be able to say that Women’s Free State Racing, which was the team Glenda raced with, will be hosting the ride. (If you missed the initial post about this ride, you can check that out here) Many cyclists who rode and raced with Glenda from this area are excited to participate and meet their “counterparts” […]

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 Where do you currently live/work? I live in Los Angeles, California in the historic area called Angelino Heights, which is a neighborhood of Echo Park. It’s about 2 miles north of Downtown. I am Professor of Visual Art and head of the ceramics area at California State University, Northridge where I’ve taught for the last sixteen years.   What do you like most about your job? OR  What do you […]

Be sure to plan a day to visit nearby Lawrence, KS to take in the incredible exhibitions in this charming, arts-friendly community.  You can travel to Lawrence on your own.  It is about a 45 minute drive from the convention center.  Don’t want to drive?  Get a ticket for the Lew White Bus Tour to Lawrence (lunch included) One venue, which has been gaining national recognition for their ceramics programs, exhibitions and […]

If you’re an antiques fan, then I am sure you know that next week is New York Winter Antiques Week in New York City.  Bosting to host the most prestigious showcases of art, antiques and design in the country, collectors, curators, dealers, and design professionals will descend on the city from across the globe.  The jewel of the week is the New York Ceramics & Glass Fair, which takes place […]

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“The art must be strong enough to carry the message-the message alone will never carry the art.” -Richard Notkin. When I was in college, my father and I took a road trip to Syracuse to the Everson Museum to see their latest exhibition. It was there where I got to see in person, not just in a flat photograph, the work of Richard Notkin. I was astonished by his meticulous […]