In October, Yellowstone Art Museum Education Director Linda Ewert invited me to participate in an art program at the Montana Women’s Prison in Billings, Montana. This would be the most challenging and rewarding community I had yet engaged in a Guardian Monster Workshop. Forms for entry into prison quickly invoked a sobering reality. “In the event of a hostage scenario the volunteer acknowledges they will be subject to the same […]

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Once upon a time, in an NCECA not so far away, there was paper.  And on this paper there were words, and these words were written by NCECA members.  I recently wrote to Harris Deller, who was the Publications Director for NCECA for five years back in the 1990s.  I inquired about methods of communication with the membership back in the days when “e” was merely the fifth letter of the […]

Many projects are flowing into Across the Table, Across the Land and we are excited to share some of these over the next two months leading up to the final deadline of January 4th. This recent submission by Lauren Sandler speaks to the potential of bringing together students working in clay with organizations who serve the unique needs of communities. Lauren is thinking expansively about the potential of clay, food […]

Where do you currently live/work Live in Ossining NY, work at Clay Art Center in Port Chester, NY as Executive Director What do you like most about your job? OR  What do you like most about where you live? What I like most about working at Clay Art Center is the community of artists and staff who are so passionate about clay, as well as the opportunity to see students […]

As this is the 50th NCECA conference it makes since to look back for inspiration.  Why stop at fifty years, or 100 years when we can go back to prehistoric times?  Perhaps the most exciting of these times was the reign of dinosaurs.    Dinosaurs exist in our contemporary consciousness in many facets.  Though found as prettified remains, dinosaurs are icons of our present-day culture.  They are movie stars, symbols […]

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For our 50th Anniversary Conference, we are mixing things up with the demonstrating artists: pairing an established artist with someone they have worked with or taught over the years. With our theme as “Makers, Mentors and Milestones” I want to begin my blog series on our demonstrators with David MacDonald, professor emeritus at Syracuse University and recipient of NCECA’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2011, for personal reasons that will […]