Last week, Simon Levin shared news of Grinnell College’s intention to forgo the replacement of a retiring ceramics professor.  It was a dark day, and one all too familiar, as many of us have seen this before.   What hasn’t happened before is the full onslaught of the ceramics community gathering behind Simon’s one voice and creating a chorus so loud we could not be ignored.  Consider this a HUGE THANK YOU to all of […]

Several years back, NCECA provided a dark room with seating and a projector known as the International Slide Room. It was a space where NCECA’s international members could gather and make brief, somewhat informal image presentations related to ceramics outside of the United States. Some international members of NCECA have expressed missing that opportunity as a place where unexpected connections and discoveries occurred. This year in Kansas City, NCECA is launching blinc, a new programming concept, which you can […]

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A couple of days ago I found out that my college, Grinnell College has no plans to continue its ceramics program after this fall. The part time faculty member who taught there for 28 years is retiring.  Believing in the liberating, empowering, foundational importance of clay in education I sent a short note to the chair of the Art and Art History department, Matt Kluber, and to the Dean of the […]

Joel B. Smith, 52, passed away on September 17, 2015, in Kinston, NC. His death was unexpected, but his life was a full one. A computer professional in his work, he also excelled at many hobbies as a potter, disc golfer, gardener, photographer, and so much more. He was generous in giving his time and talents to many, providing computer assistance to non-profits, serving as a board member of the […]

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We are very excited to announce the complete redesign and reintroduction of the NCECA Podcast, now known as NCECA 360.  For our inaugural episode we bring you: Ayumi Horie Alleghany Meadows Andy Brayman in a discussion of creative entrepreneurship.  You can listen & download it directly right here, or head over to iTunes and subscribe now to get all the future episodes delivered directly to your device! The NCECA 360 podcast […]

Welcome Back, NCECA Blog Readers, to another episode of “meet the board”.  If you’re brand new to following the NCECA Blog, you may want to check out the previous board bio on Kansas City On-site, Paul Donnelly.  Today, I am delighted to tell you a little more about NCECA’s Treasurer, Lee Burningham.  I first met Lee almost 6 years ago, when I was running for Director-at-Large, and he was running for […]

First off, here’s the official word: The Phantastics are a seven member band from Kansas City specializing in tantalizing, genre-blending dance floor activators. In 2015, the music group was crowned “Kansas City’s best party band” by the Kansas City Star. But “party” doesn’t encompass the range in which The Phantastics reign. Musicianship and diversity are at the core of their success. Expect to hear Rock, Rap, Dance, Funk, Jazz and […]

In case you missed the memo from NCECA in your email, here it is: NCECA recently shared that a vote on bylaws amendments put before the membership had failed to reach a quorum as of June 30, 2015. We are pleased to announce that after re-opening the ballot using a link sent to members who had not yet voted, as of this past Wednesday, we have surpassed the required quorum […]

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NCECA 2015 Emerging Artist, Rachel Garceau is teaching a workshop on mold making and slip casting hosted by the Texas Tech University Ceramics Department! On Thursday September 16, 2015 the Ceramics Department at TTU, with Rachel’s generous consent, will be streaming the demonstrations live from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm central time. There is no cost to attend and all are encouraged to share the information with their friends and […]

STUDENTS – What can you share about your work, your process, or your research in just 7 minutes? Student led presentations are now a regular feature of the annual NCECA conference program. Some years prior to today’s increased level of student presentation involvement, NCECA provided a dark room with seating and a projector known as the Student Slide Forum. It was a space where a few brave students made brief, […]

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Welcome, NCECA Blog readers, to what I am certain is going to become one of MY favourite regular columns here on the NCECA blog.  I was recently inspired by the Kansas City Ballet Company’s blog, on which I read articles about some of my favourite dancers.  I enjoyed getting to know more about them, so I thought maybe some of you might like to know a bit more about your NCECA […]

In 2012 I had my first child. I was thrilled to welcome this new person into our home and life. The summer months with her gave me small snippets of time to work in the studio. Nursing a tiny baby gave me countless hours of quiet, solitary, thinking and dreaming. When my daughter was 5 months old my husband had a nasty bike accident that left him with a broken […]

We kick off blogging about Project Submissions to Across the Table, Across the Land with a project led by Macy Dorf, who lives in Denver, Colorado.   Macy has had a studio/gallery for over thirty years in the same neighborhood. The building houses a number of groups, and is part of an urban renewal project. Macy’s project submission via the Across the Table webapp ) shared how he connects three disparate […]

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Calling all Cyclists!  As you start to think about travel plans for the 2016 conference in Kansas City, please try to include Tuesday in your trip.  We are planning a group ride in memory of Glenda Taylor.  This ride was something that Glenda and I had spoken about for the last couple of years as plans for Kansas City were only beginning to form.  She was absolutely committed to making […]

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