Don’t let a handful of votes dictate the future direction of NCECA… If you are a member of NCECA, I urge you to exercise your rights and vote! A vote to amend NCECA’s by-laws ends this Thursday. This bylaw amendment asks the membership to change the Secretary and Treasurer positions on the board from a membership elected to board appointed positions. A few short years ago, a bylaw amendment was […]

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The ceramics community is a tight knit and welcoming one, but coming to the conference can be overwhelming whether it is your first or forty-first one. With this in mind and to help you make the most of the conference, we have several sessions to assist. Wednesday there will be an orientation for newbies, lead by the vivacious Communications Director Cindy Bracker. She will help make sense of the program […]

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Dear NCECA Members, As an institution, we have an important proposed amendment of our by-laws before our membership. We have a voting deadline of this Friday, July 30, and I am writing to encourage every member to log on to the website and vote your conscience with a full understanding of why the amendment was proposed.  If you are unsure of how to vote with the electronic system, take a […]

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The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts has a lot to celebrate as it enters its 50th year. Founded by a small group of highly committed and passionate artist-educators, NCECA has benefitted from the time and talents of many great individuals that have served on its board of directors. Paul Sacaridiz who has served as NCECA’s President Elect since the conclusion of the 2014 conference, has been one of […]


What’s a blinc? It’s a fresh new “concise presentation format”, NCECA style!   What’s a “concise presentation format”? It can be lots of things.  One example of a concise presentation is the Ted Talk, which allows 18 minutes per speaker.  Another would be the 1 Million Cups platform, which allows speakers 6 minutes to present, followed by 20 minutes of questions.  There are many other formats and themes popping up, […]

I love our organization.  I love that our membership cares about what the board does. I love that we truly are member-driven.  I love that members take the time to express their opinions.  Recently, I received an email from a member regarding the proposed bylaw change.  I want to publicly recognize and thank Lenny Dowhie for presenting his thoughts and opinions on the matter, and I want to share that view with […]

When it comes to the formal practice of Chanoyu (Tea Ceremony) there is more to the making of a good Chawan than initially meets the eye. This lecture at NCECA 2015 “Lively Experiments,” discussed basic temae (procedure) and a number of the formal attributes that make a teabowl suitable for the tearoom and earning the name “Chawan”.   John Baymore is professor of ceramics at New Hampshire Institute of Art, and […]

BBQ, jazz, and baseball have long held sway over public perception of what our fair Midwestern hamlet has to offer. This guide will introduce you to the long-reigning triumvirate, and over the coming months  detail other points worth exploring that have nothing to do with the indulgences of meat, music, or sport, and everything to do with what makes Kansas City our best kept secret, from its history to today’s […]

Can it be that there is a connection between art and accounting?  Some would say these two words, if used together, would be an oxymoron – that combination of contradictory words.  We can recall a time when creative accounting resulted in some rather large companies getting into rather big trouble, but is it really an oxymoron? Upon consulting the Webster online dictionary, Art is defined as a skill acquired by […]

The world of fine art services/art handling is the behind-the-scenes part of the installation, crating and transporting of works of art that most people, even artists, rarely experience.  The people who work in the fine art services can range from part-time gallery assistants that install works for a gallery with little or no formal training to full-time professionals that are trained to museum standards in the handling of fine works […]