I am thrilled to introduce you to this year’s six NCECA Emerging Artists.  The artists that submitted work created an incredibly strong pool of talent.  The jurors deliberated over their applications. Ultimately, we selected artists that had found a very personal direction with their work and had achieved a technical conceptual voice that has the potential to add a significant contribution to the field.  Read on to get acquainted and enjoy […]

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Did you know that Peter Voulkos had a solo exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in 1960, following his exhibit in the futuristic Ed Stone-designed USA Pavilion at the Brussels World’s Fair in 1958?  In those years Ceramics had made some headway as an accepted artistic medium.  Learn more about how ceramics is gaining wider acceptance in the art world.   Ken Price had early exhibits at top drawer […]

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As you look through conference programming, be sure to block out time for the 2015 roundtable discussion, Pass the Peas: Food, Objects and the Making of Community.   This will take place on Thursday morning, from 9-10:30am in ballroom D/E. The roundtable format was launched last year in Milwaukee, and is designed to bring together a diverse group of thinkers to be in conversation with our Keynote presenter. Essentially it is […]

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The easiest way to see shows is definitely to get on one of the tours or shuttles. BUT, for many folks and for a variety of reasons, this may not be an option. It can be a bit of a challenge to navigate an unfamiliar city, so try to find several others to share in the navigation and/or costs. I would suggest that folks wanting to venture out to see […]

 Listening to stories of David Peters I’ve often wondered where the boundary  is between ardent investigator and dogmatic zealot. For those standing  outside the circle of wood fire (of which I am one) it is easy to tick the box  marked “zealot” when stories of week-long firings, laborious reclamation  processes, hours on bended knees, and sleepless nights roll out with  seemingly obligatory cups of whiskey.  Too easy. Any earnest maker, […]

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Hi NCECA Friends! Thought it would be a great idea to share some vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants as per request of some Great Neck, NY friends!   Veggie Fun -123 Dorrance St – Lunch & Dinner – 10-15 walk, very close to Hampton Inn Veggie Fun specializes in vegetarian Asian food. Known for their amazing food, polite staff and fun atmosphere. Small space, good for groups of 4-6 people. […]

I’ll be honest up front, this is a REALLY difficult article to write, because there are just SO many awesome people to know at NCECA, and I can’t even pick my favourites because they’re kind of ALL my favourites.  First, if you haven’t already done so, read my previous article about the NCECA Name Badge, because it’s going to be a great help in saving yourself from an embarrasing moment. […]

Last week we provided an index to all the blog posts about this year’s programming.  But we don’t want you to miss any of the great posts we’ve had about the beautiful city of Providence either!  Use this index to help you discover the other places you want to see while you’re at NCECA! Restaurants Rogue Island G-Pub Providence Place Mall (Multiple restaurant options) Cindy’s “Best-of” Blog article on restaurants […]

Hi NCECA Friends! It’s beginning to feel a lot like NCECA time! I’m hope everyone is getting excited for the journey to Providence! There’s a list of my top five favorite places in Providence to enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner! 1. Waterman Grille – 4 Richmond Square, Fox Point Neighborhood, Providence The easiest directions are to drive up Waterman St, and keep going until you hit the water. Eventually there’s […]

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For the last few years, NCECA has been working on a video project to commemorate and celebrate our 50th Anniversary.  Since Houston, we have been capturing memories and stories from quite a few of our members.  The goal is to put these together to tell the story of NCECA’s first 50 years.  It is getting more and more exciting as the date gets closer. We have such a wonderful and rich history. […]

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Recently, I have seen and heard a flurry of questions about the overall NCECA schedule and making decisions.  Specifically, a lot of people are asking “If I can only spend one day at NCECA, which one do I pick?”  Of course this is an incredibly hard question because even spending ALL the days at NCECA you can’t do everything!  That decision is also really personal, depending on what you like.  BUT, […]

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The New Bedford Whaling Museum is hosting 3 events in conjunction with the 2015 NCECA conference.  Of Earth and Sea: Artists Respond to the New Bedford Whaling Museum Collection, an exhibition of contemporary ceramics, opens on March 12th and will be up until the end of August.  Eight area artists: Chris Archer, Mary Barringer, Cynthia Consentino, Molly Hatch, Sergei Isupov, Kathy King, Jim Lawton, and Seth Rainville, were invited to visit the Museum and create new works […]

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Usually you would be hearing about conference programming from our amazing Programs Director, Steve Hilton, but I had to wrestle this one away from him because I absolutely love collaborative clay-community building endeavors (I also love alliteration, can you tell?). Not every NCECA member came to clay through the academic route.   As a whole, we are now almost an even split between those in post-secondary environments and those who meet their […]

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NCECA Expo has been steadily growing in popularity.  Providence NCECA is the first time Expo has had to establish an adjudication process to accept galleries.   What great news for our membership because it is well known that as competition for Expo increases so does the quality of the booths.   There is a great line-up of returning galleries this year.  You may remember the thoughtfully considered and constructed booth […]