Friday night I had the opportunity to attend the opening of 2014 NCECA Emerging Artist Lauren Mabry’s solo show, Passages, at Belger Crane Yard Red Star Studios in Kansas City, and she was kind enough to take a moment out of her busy night to speak to me about her experiences as an emerging artist. Lauren’s first NCECA exposure came in 2002, when she participated in the annual K-12 show. In […]

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Welcome back!  This week, I’ll be returning to the topic of exhibitions and transportation.  Bus Tours were discussed in detail in Issue 1 and Issue 2 of this blog column.  This week, we look at SHUTTLES.  Unlike the Bus TOURS, shuttles run a continuous loop and you can hop on and hop off at any time.  Spend as long as you like at each stop!  Just remember, the bus does NOT wait for […]

My name is Garth Johnson… and I have a problem with books. Specifically, buying and collecting them. Every year I come back from NCECA with a backbreaking load of books that I hadn’t previously heard about. Last year’s treasure was a fantastic Waylande Gregory catalog that was released by University of Richmond to document a 2013 exhibition of Gregory’s work. The research and writing was fantastic—along with archival photos documenting […]

A few weeks ago, Amanda Barr shared a sneak peek of “The Social (Media) Experiment”.   Today, we are treated to a more insight into the topics that will be covered in this much-anticipated panel.  Enjoy a glimpse of what’s to come with this transcript of a conversation between Justin Rothshank & Craig Hartenberger (reposted here, with permission, from Craig’s blog).  Let us hear YOUR thoughts on social media here in the comments!  Utilizing social media allows an […]

As you may be aware, NCECA is nearing its 50th anniversary celebration in Kansas City in 2016. We have been able to alter the culture of giving within the organization with the help of training sessions through the Annenberg Foundation. Last year we exceeded a goal of $10,000 raised solely from 2014 NCECA board member financial donations, and we came darn close to that mark the year before. We have many […]

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For many NCECA attendees, the workshops that happen before and after the conference are one of the most memorable parts of the experience.  Pre & Post-Conference events are not planned by NCECA, but rather extension offerings from the local artist community.  There are some really great experiences to be had this year in the Providence area, so consider coming early or staying late.  Many of these opportunities are still open!  Read […]

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Taking a big leap into the digital age, NCECA has more online content available than ever before, such as this blog, a podcast, a YouTube page which includes conference content, online lectures year-round with 92nd Y Street, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook pages, past Journals online… if you visit the NCECA Resources page and look around you will find past conference archives, member events page, partner links, a MediaRoom- so much NCECA information! But […]

Last year, NCECA introduced a new conference event – a roundtable discussion which included our keynote speaker and other great thinkers in our field.  Chris Staley moderated the topic of creativity, and the event was highly attended and very well received. This year, “Pass the Peas: Food, Objects and the Making of Community“, will expand on themes explored in our 2015 keynote lecture. Namita Gupta Wiggers will moderate this lively discussion […]

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Last year around this time, I heard a LOT of people asking, often incredulously, “Why Milwaukee????”  By only a few days into the conference, attendees realized that there were more reasons for why Milwaukee was an AMAZING location for our 48th annual conference than there are inches of snow there in the winter.  Although this year’s choice of Providence, RI isn’t garnering quite as much confusion & head-scratching, I still hear a fair number of questions […]

Rhode Island State Council on the Arts (RISCA) will award scholarships to six Rhode Island artists to attend the 49th Annual NCECA Conference in Providence, March 25-38. The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) is a nonprofit organization that fosters global education and appreciation for the ceramic arts. NCECA’s annual conference has earned a reputation worldwide as a premiere event for ceramic art, drawing thousands each year. […]

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Demonstrating Artists are among the headline presenters at the annual NCECA conference. NCECA strives to present makers grappling with a range of formal, technical and conceptual concerns operating across the field. Typically, four Demonstrating Artists present at each conference. On Thursday and Friday of the conference two artists present concurrently on stage and a shift of presenters takes place from morning to afternoon. Artist pairings provide a framework for presenters […]

Join NCECA when the College Art Association returns to New York for its 103rd Annual Conference at the New York Hilton Midtown. Terracotta… the New Black: Clay Crosses Over takes place on Wednesday February 11 from 12:30-2:00 PM in the 3rd Floor West Ballroom of the Hilton. The session is free to the public and will include presentations and conversation with artists Nicole Cherubini, Francesca DiMattio, Lisa Sanditz and Adam Shiverdecker. NCECA […]

A Logic of Chance The 2015 NCECA Biennial had its opening reception at the David Winton Bell Gallery of Brown University on a snowy Friday, January 30 evening. This year’s effort was juried by Bell Gallery Director, Jo-ann Conklin, studio potter Linda Christianson and Anders Ruhwald, head of ceramics at Cranbrook Academy of Art. NCECA’s recurring juried endeavor (first called the National and since 2009, the Biennial) represents an important opportunity […]

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As we’re gearing for the 2015 conference Lively Experiments in Providence Rhode Island, and NCECA’s 50th anniversary conference Makers, Mentors, and Milestones in Kansas City. We would like to extend an invitation to submit images of moments and people that you found inspiring throughout any of NCECA’s past conference’s. Please include information about what was present in the images. Who, what, when, and where. Selected images maybe used in a promotional video for Makers, Mentors, and […]