Hello Everyone, I was searching through the original GTF website, and I came across some good information that I felt needed to be shared.  Here is a great collection of cone 6 reduction glazes that was put together by Diana Pancioli from Eastern Michigan University.  Diana has been a regular at the GTF meetings since the beginning and much of her research into cone 6 is due to the awareness […]

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Dylan Beck’s ceramic work explores “the interaction of built space with the natural environment and the idea that manmade landscapes express a society’s material and political priorities.”  His knowledge of urban sprawl, sustainability, and forestry informs his artistic exploration of built and natural landscapes as he addresses themes of human’s manipulation of the natural world. He says there is no one prescription for the social and political responsibilities of artists. Dylan teaches at Kansas State University in Manhattan, […]

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Greetings from Houston!  We have kicked in the new year and now we are a few short months away from the NCECA conference in Houston, Texas.   Hopefully you have registered for the conference and your travel plans are under way.  Consider arriving early, staying late, or both to take in a pre or post conference workshop!   The workshop offerings for March of 2013 have shaped up to include […]

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