Greetings from Houston! As the 2013 conference in Houston, Texas draws nearer we would like to share more insider tips to help you plan your visit in March. In addition to the conference programming and exhibitions you may want to leave a little time in your itinerary to check out a few local attractions. Everyone knows Texans do things a little differently. Well, our cultural attractions attest to our ingenuity […]

“Current technologies facilitate the instantaneous acquisition, manipulation, and subsequent redistribution of perceptual experiences.” This excerpt is from Darien Johnson’s artists statement. He goes on to describe his work  as representations of “entanglement of human cognition and digital processing”. Its so fitting to be reading about Darien’s work on this blog.. the information presented here has been processed over and over : Typed, edited, transcribed from a face-to-face interview in Seattle, recorded on an […]

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