Not Since Genesis….

Not Since Genesis….

. . .has there been so much creativity in six days, and most of it in clay!”

We have made it easy for NCECA conference participants to view 30 concurrent independent exhibitions curated by NCECA members at the Seattle Design Center, March 26-31, 2012, 9 am to 5 pm, free parking and admission.


  • 30 shows 
  • one place
  • free parking 
  • indoors 
  • well lit
  • fabulous gallery spaces.



Each exhibition individually presented by nationally and internationally recognized curators and artists.

Diverse perspectives, dimensions, and delights.



Open Monday – Saturday of NCECA week, two evening reception/parties, on Tuesday and Friday of NCECA week, 5 – 9.


Featuring *Well Served”: full table tops of dining ware by top US designers.  Specifics of ALL exhibitions posted in January, so check back for details then, but…


Put this into your NCECA schedule now.


NCECA: On the Edge

On the Edge

On the Edge

THEME:  On the Edge – Seattle, as well as the entire Puget Sound region, is located in a unique geographical position; on the EDGE of the country and on the EDGE of the Pacific Rim.  From this location ON THE EDGE, quite naturally, we have a broad perspective on objects, places and issues, and see great distances.  We thrive on the intersection of old and new worlds.  And we respect distant and historic cultures…Asian, Pacific, Native American, and all of our neighbors in North America.  Most of all we appreciate how they have influenced our contemporary ceramic practices.

Through creative stretching, we also visit the EDGE of our imagination and appreciate the artistic use of clay in dynamic new ways.  Even EDGY ways…often on the EDGE…sometimes with rough EDGES.

Green Task Force

Green Task Force

NCECA’s Green Task Force (GTF) is committed to environmental stewardship in all venues; from administrative work to conference gatherings and further extending to educate NCECA’s members about important environmental issues affecting the ceramic arts.  Creative solutions to issues will be shared and it is the GTF that will provide a forum for progressive discussion on green studio practices. The GTF will bring members the tools and information to help facilitate change, however a sustainable future in ceramics necessitates a community effort.  We understand that it is not entirely feasible to make ceramics totally green, however it is possible to make small changes in our studio practices that will have lasting effects on minimizing global impact.

In addition to educating our members, NCECA and the volunteer officers of the GTF will demonstrate, by our own policies and practices, that we are good environmental stewards.  Sustainability practices will be in place for the management and operations in NCECA’s home office, and the annual conference.  This will include but is not limited to: recycling of waste, handling of printed documentation, communication with members, and future site considerations.  NCECA and the GTF have the future of clay in our sights.  Together we will discover new ways to work in sympathy with our planet.